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The Mission

Cottman Family The Mission Cottman Charities & Enterprises Incorporated

Here at Cottman Charities & Enterprises Incorporated, we are driven by a single goal; to do our part in making the world a better place. 

We, Cottman Charities & Enterprises Incorporated are a faith-based non-prophet organization. We've structured Cottman Charities & Enterprises Incorporate in a way that best caters to children of multiple age groups. We do this by providing every child with the unconditional love, joy, and happiness they deserve.  

With daily activities, adventures, and experiences that will not only give them life skills but leave an everlasting positive impression on them. Adventures and experiences such as fishing, planting, horseback riding. Through the use of nature and animals, we are nurturing and teaching children how to love, protect and use nature in a responsible way.


We have Stage plays and talent shows to help the children to express themselves and to find what truly brings them joy. Activities consist of but are not limited to stand-up comedy, modeling, photography, music performances, and much more. We at Cottman Charities & Enterprises Incorporated strive to bring joy and enrich the lives of the children and youth for a stronger future.

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